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Where Can You Get Free ERISA Advice on Long Term Disability?

Where Can You Get Free ERISA Advice on Long Term Disability?


Long-Term Disability Policies that are provided as part of employers benefits plans are covered under ERISA. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) sets forth the rules and requirements that employer-sponsored long-term disability policies must meet. And if you are in the misfortune to have been denied your claim for disability, ERISA may define your rights and your insurer’s responsibilities for giving you a fair shake on appeal.

So, where can you get good and free ERISA advice for your long-term disability claim situation?


You Can Find a Free ERISA Advice Online

When faced with an appeal for long-term disability claims, many people hit the internet to figure out exactly what is going on. Why deny your legitimate and completely necessary claim, right?!

Researching options for your claim appeal online is fantastic, and often free in the form of blogs, or forums. If you can get free ERISA advice through your own research, that is wonderful! You will learn more about your own claim, or appeal. Moreover, you will become a much more empowered client when you start to seek out ERISA disability appeal representation.

Blogs like the Roy Law blog, provide a wealth of knowledge, and also give you someone you can reach out to immediately if you have lingering questions about anything related to your claim. Forums like, Reddit or even Facebook can also be gold-mines of information as well as places to connect with others who are going through the same situation with their disability insurer as you are.

There really is no shortage of Free ERISA advice online. The trick is to be able to sort the good from the bad!


Personal Connections to Sort the Good From Bad “Free ERISA Advice.”

While the internet is a powerful medium for getting opinions and doing research, it is not the only place – or even always the best place – to get the final word on disability claim appeals that are similar to or the same as yours is/will be.

If online advice about ERISA falls apart somewhere, it is that most free ERISA advice is provided by blogs or forums that are not geographically close to you (the person searching for the information). The blog you are getting your free advice from does not know if you are a doctor or a bike mechanic, it does not know if you live in Detroit or Silicon Valley. And, in the non-discriminatory way of the internet, the free advice you end up getting is generic.  Avoid paying much attention to free ERISA advice that is so generic that you are getting what you paid for it – it is not helpful. It can even be a bit harmful if you spend too much time trying to figure out what you can/should be doing to fight your disability denial. Why, because your claim is on a running clock!

For this reason, reaching out to people who have experience can help bridge the gap between what you are reading and what is the true nature of disability claim appeals. Friends, family, and co-workers can be very helpful if they have been through a long-term disability appeal before. However, the gold standard is finding an experienced and excellent ERISA attorney that provides Free ERISA advice in consultations.

Roy Law provides both. We have our blog, that aims to educate and inform you on matters involving your long-term disability claim, and appeal. And for those that reach out to us from our website and from blogs like this, we provide free ERISA advice in consultation on your claim options.


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