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Are Disability Attorneys Near Me Any Good?

Disability Attorney Near Me

Imagine you are sitting at your laptop at night, trying to figure out what the heck is going on with your Long Term Disability claim and worried that you might end up having to appeal a denial. Your research leads you to article after article about disability but you are not in the state of mind to make heads or tales of it.  You need help.  And you decide to go to Google to figure out who is someone that can help you.  But what do you ask?

Disability Attorney? Long-Term Disability Attorney that can help me? You settle with, “Are Disability Attorneys Near Me Any Good?”  Afterall, you’re going to get results, you really need to know how to figure out who to talk to, and maybe how to talk to them.  So, the question remains, are they any good? And how can you tell?

This question is a bit awkward for a law blog to be answering, but it is something that gets asked a lot. So rather than trying to describe who is good, what good means, and maybe even who to run to (or from), we thought we could help you by providing a series of things you should look for in a Disability Attorney near you.


Professionalism and Courtesy

In reality, you will be communicating with various people throughout the law firm you choose during your disability claim.  This is in addition to the disability attorney themselves. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the level of professionalism and treatment that you afforded by both the attorney – and anyone else who will be your point of contact at the law firm.

Are they prompt in responding to your calls and emails? Do they answer your questions in a way that makes sense for you? Do you feel like you are imposing on their time? Do they have a blog where you can go to get information about your the process of your disability appeal?


Location is Important, Looking for A Disability Attorney Near Me (You)

You may also want to find out how long a potential disability attorney has been practicing in the area where you live. You can ask them directly or go to Google and type in the phrase, “disability attorneys near me.” If they have been working in your area for awhile, they will most likely appear in the search results.

A local disability attorney, or at least a disability attorney that knows your region is important. They will have a good idea of which doctors different insurance companies might rely upon. Moreover, they will have other points of contact at their disposal that an out of town, or inexperienced firm, might not.

So, is it necessary that a firm be within a couple miles from where you live to do a great job? Absolutely not! But a potential disability firm should have relevant experience in handling claims and appeals in your area.


More Great Questions to ask a Disability Attorney

If you are actively reaching out to disability attorneys, you likely are going to set up an onsite consultation. To be prepared for your first meeting with the attorney, there are several questions that you might want to ask. Some of these include the following:

  • How long has the attorney been practicing disability law?
  • What is the fee structure for your case?
  • What does the attorney need from you to be successful?
  • Will you be assigned to a case manager? If so, how many clients does the case manager currently handle?
  • Who will be working on your case, such as legal assistants or paralegals?
  • How often should you expect to hear back from the law firm regarding the progress of your case?
  • Will the law firm request your medical records? If so, will they advance the cost of those medical records for you?



Hang-On! Where Can I Find a Disability Attorney in the First Place?

If you are asking this question, congratulations – you already found one. Check our other great blog posts. Feel free to reach out to us in the contact form below this post.

In addition to this page, you can use Google, Yahoo or another search engine too. Searching for “Disability Attorney Near Me” should give you a good list to begin. You might also want to search for specifics of your claim. For instance, “Long-Term Disability Appeal Attorney Near Me.”

If you want a personal recommendation, consider asking friends, family members or co-workers for a referral. Also, look to Yelp or Google reviews for feedback on potential lawyers.  You can see our reviews right here, for example!

However it is that you come to reach out to a disability attorney near you – hopefully, this will be helpful.

If you did find it helpful, please take a look at our other disability articles and let us know if they can help you!


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