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About Roy Law

Roy Law is  dedicated to one, and only one charge: helping its disabled clients appeal wrongful long-term disability insurance claim denials. Roy Law’s disability attorneys practice no other area of law, and their single minded focus is key to Roy Law’s unparalleled success.

Roy Law was founded in 2009 by Chris Roy with a clear vision of separating Roy Law from other law firms by providing tailored, focused representation, exceptional personal service, and expert counsel to each and every one of its clients. Since Roy Law’s inception, Chris has positioned Roy Law as the Northwest’s leading long-term disability insurance law firm. No other law firm in the Pacific Northwest is solely dedicated to representing the disabled against private disability insurance companies.

Roy Law represents residents throughout Oregon, Washington State, Hawaii, Alaska, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and Montana in long-term disability insurance disputes, claims, and appeals. Whether you have an ERISA group plan or an individually-purchased private disability insurance policy, Chris and his staff know the law and can help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

About Chris Roy

Chris was born in Pendleton, Oregon, and grew up on a family farm in Prosser, Washington. After graduating from Prosser High School in 1989, he attended Gonzaga University, a small Jesuit liberal arts college located in Spokane, Washington. At Gonzaga Chris was a member of the intercollegiate debate team, and he majored in Philosophy and Political Science. In 1993, Chris graduated cum laude from Gonzaga, and was accepted to the University of Oregon School of Law. In 1997, Chris accepted a six month interneship in Kathmandu, Nepal where he conducted a research study to assess the effectiveness of Nepal’s criminal justice system at curbing human trafficking.

In 1998, Chris obtained his law degree from the University of Oregon, and in 1999, he accepted his first job as an attorney with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. In 2000, Chris entered a private litigation practice in Vancouver, Washington. In private practice, Chris litigated a variety matters including administrative, criminal, real estate, construction, business, and insurance.



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