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Should I Work With Long-term Disability Lawyers in My Area?

Should I Work With Long-term Disability Lawyers in My Area or a Big National Firm?


“Should I work with long-term disability lawyers in my area or a big national firm?”

How do you know which is best for your particular long-term disability case?

A national firm may have the prestige to sway your attention, and a local firm is a place you can walk-in to, and get to know on a more personal level.  Here are some differences, and similarities between disability lawyers in your area and those who work elsewhere.


Big National Disability Law Firm

To begin our comparison, we need to note that a big national firm is technically just as capable as a local firm of handling your case.  The quality of the technical legal work should not suffer because you have a remote relationship with your disability law firm.  However, a national firm is much less likely to have the same relationships with local judges, doctors, and the overall local disability picture that a disability lawyer nearer to you might.


Another one of the risks of retaining a non-local national firm, if you consider it a risk at all, is that you can feel like a case number and not a client.  It is possible that you are one of the hundreds of cases they are working on at the same time!  Your disability lawyer, or lawyers, may not necessarily know you by your name, or your situation.

Do not take this as a judgment that a big national disability law firm is not capable of winning your case, they certainly are.  However, there are tradeoffs for handing your case off to an out of state disability law firm.  These are only a couple of them.


Local Disability Firm

When looking at a local long-term disability firm, you should keep in mind that you will (or should be) able to meet the disability lawyers you will be working with face-to-face.  Being able to get to know the lawyer who will be working on your case, and get them to know you a bit, on a personal level can add a sense of clarity and understanding to your casework that is nearly impossible to replicate in a remote relationship.

A local disability lawyer, or law firm, will also have familiarity with the long-term disability laws in your state.  This knowledge is an incredibly powerful tool in ERISA disability cases, in Flaaen v Principal Life Insurance Company, the difference in laws between Texas and Washington State was key to the final decision.


Flaaen v. Principal Life Insurance Company


Choosing A Local Long-Term Disability Law Firm

If you have decided you want to work with a local firm vs a national one, you should not simply pick the disability lawyer closest to where you live.  You still want to do some research on a couple of local firms and meet with them.  A few tips on how to find disability lawyers in your area:

  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations. If they have worked with a long-term disability lawyer, they can help you decide if that lawyer is for you.
  • Do an internet search. You can type in long-term disability lawyers in my area or long-term disability lawyers near me.  You will get a list and sometimes a map of where they are located.
  • Meet each lawyer you find in person. You should schedule a face-to-face meeting with each lawyer you are thinking about working with.  You want to be sure that you feel comfortable working with them.
  • Read our article on how to find a local long-term disability lawyer. 
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